2013 Last Day Michigan Deer Hunting

Well we gave it the ole last chance this morning. Made it out to our lease around 6:30AM, settled in the blind by 7AM. First shot I heard came from pretty darn close. Shot rang out at 7:15AM, still too dark for me to have seen antlers where I was setting in the woods. Guessing it was somebody filling a doe tag out in the farm field next door to our place. Shots like that tend to wake you up a bit, that’s for sure.

Unfortunately it was a rather uneventful morning deer wise. I did see a bunch of squirrels, and will be back to that location when I hunt the upcoming Chrome Squirrel Tournament in January. I stayed in the blind till after 9AM, got a text from my son that he had had enough and was heading for the truck. Packed up my stuff in my pail, and headed out across a snow covered frozen flooding in our woods. About 3/4 of the way across I did one of those ice skating ballet moves, seemed like I spent 5 minutes with my legs and feet flying trying to regain my balance. Eventually I was able to get back in stride, without going down. No doubt I’ll pay for that later today. Pretty sure I used ALOT of muscles I never knew I had.

I did see quite a bit of fresh tracks in the snow, but no deer. I’ll be back to that location in a week or so with the cross bow.

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