Duck Hunting at Fish Point

Got to spend some much needed time in a duck blind with my son yesterday. It was not the best of days weather wise for duck hunting, but still a great day to be with family in the outdoors. This was my second trip to Fish Point this season and this time we were able to get a good draw and got a nice spot to spend the afternoon. The bright blue cloudless skies weren’t very conductive to moving ducks, as we only had 2 groups thru our area close enought to shoot. We as usualy filled the sky with steel shot, but no ducks found their way to our game bags. We were very suprised to see the water level was actually great in the area we hunted. Many areas up there are still dry, water levels in someof the big canals leading out to Saginaw Bay were lowest I’ve ever seen.

My son and I got spend some quality time together laughing and joking about times past and present, and grimacing about those missed mallards that buzzed thru the decoy spread.

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