Windy morning deer hunt

Got a chance to spend a few hours deer hunting with my son yesterday. It was a very windy day, blowing at times I figured over 30 MPH, and to top that, raining too. One of those days where it seemed to take FOREVER for daylight to arrive. We were perched in a raised tower stand overlooking a cut soybean field in Lapeer County. The raised box style stand was perfect for the nasty weather.

Action got going around 7:30, with a couple does and one nice 8 point making their way into the field. The deer came out well within bow range, but they never stopped trotting and soon made there way across the 400 yard wide field and disappeared in the woods. We did also see another couple groups of 4 or 5 deer moving around the field, but the wind had them pretty spooky and none stayed for long.

Couple nice flocks of geese crossed the fields too, struggling against the wind, they would have made for some nice shooting if we had brought our shotguns instead of bows. Seems to work out like that a lot. Shoulda, coulda, woulda.

We decided to leave around 10AM, had enough of the wind and rain.

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